Windhaven: A survival at Sea Novel

Windhaven is in the editing phase as of 3/6/2022. If you would like to Beta Read the book and give me feedback on anything good, bad or indifferent about it, feel free to contact me at:

The Blurb

A sailboat. The Southern Sea. A wave. Who will survive?

Noah Wells is a last-minute addition to the crew of eight aboard Windhaven, a 70-foot sailboat set to race non-stop around the world. He hopes to redeem himself, but loses what courage he has, until he meets Quinn.

The race goes well for Windhaven, until they go deep into the dangerous waters of the Southern Ocean. A thousand miles east of New Zealand a rogue wave devastates Windhaven, turning an exhilarating race into a fight for survival.

Though injured themselves, Noah and Leigh Tag (the Ironwoman Sailor) are the only ones able to keep Windhaven afloat and other crew members alive through crisis after crisis.

At times Noah’s memory of his short time with Quinn is all that pulls him through desperate moments. Will he see her again? Will Quinn want to see him again?

Across thousands of miles of dangerous water Noah and others have to work together, saving their lives and becoming close enough to share their secrets and fears.

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