Blood Justice Series

These are the books in my Blood Justice series of contemporary vampire thrillers.

Blood on the Mountain has gone through two rounds of editing. One more and maybe it will be ready to publish.
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Blood Justice
About to die during a failed attempt to kill one of the men responsible for her daughter’s death, Justine Kroft is saved by Simone Gireaux, a 350 year old vampire. Justine envies her rescuer’s strength and speed and convinces Simone to make her a vampire, as well. At first Simone is reluctant, but she knows what it means to lose a loved one to brutal murderers.

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Blood on the Water
Taking up immediately after the conclusion of Blood Justice, Blood on the Water opens as Justine, vampire Simone Gireaux and their mortal friend Teresa Diaz bring long-delayed vengeance to the man who murdered Justine’s own mother more than twenty years earlier. Now they have one more mystery to solve: the whereabouts of Teresa’s abducted daughter, Antonia. Their Nemesis in Blood Justice, Stephan Sinakov, had told them that Antonia was “sold”—but to whom, and for what purpose, they can only speculate.

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Blood on the Bayou
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Newly awakened witch Teresa Diaz and her vampire friends Justine Croft and Simone Gireaux had run out of leads in their search for Teresa’s abducted teenage daughter, Antonia. Their hope is rekindled by an unexpected message: two other teenage girls, victims of a vampire-family sex trafficking ring, have escaped a murder attempt in New Orleans and disappeared. One of them might have information that could help Teresa, Justine and Simone find Antonia.
Blood on the Mountain —Coming soon.
Related stories to the Blood Justice series, Simone Gireaux’s origin and how she survived and thrived in 1648 France and beyond.
An Accidental Vampire – Accidentally being turned into a Vampire without a Master is usually a bad thing. This is the beginning of Simone Gireaux’s accidental second Life, and love.
New Blood – In 1648 France a few weeks after Simone Gireaux accidentally becomes a vampire she is headed for Noir Montagne, the bright town on the other side of a lake. There, she hopes to learn how to survive among mortals. But screams in the forest lead her to a small settlement taken captive by a vampire and his mortal minions.
Young Blood – In 1648 France, Simone Gireaux, now a Young Blood vampire, is persuaded to help find the truth behind a Duchess’s murder. The Duke is lying about what really happened, and the handsome Jacque Fashette, the Duke’s vampire security chief, wants to know why. After being shot at, Simone and Fashette determine that the Marquis Philippe Desauvage, the Duchesse’s lover, is being framed for the murder. But by who, and why?
Broken Bones – Revenge is on 270 year old vampire Simone’s mind when she journeys to New Orleans in the 1920s. She hunts for Armand Joubert, a Ghost Vampire, undetectable by other vampires, who murdered her mortal friend, Charlotte.
By chance she saves Amalie Chartres’s life, and they become unlikely friends. Soon she meets Amalie’s boyfriend, Fin, (from Blood on the Bayou) who quickly becomes much more than a friend.
Down Home – Around the year 2050 the Earth has been taken over by vampires who can walk in the sun, called Sunvamps. Simone Gireaux, Justine Kroft and two other vampires along with 106 mortals have escaped Earth to an unfinished space station called Haven where they’ve been hiding for fifteen years.

Henry McKay, who escaped to Haven as a teenager, has produced a virus that will kill only Sunvamps. Then he’s murdered and a notebook containing the virus manufacturing procedure is lost. Asked by Ginger, McKay’s beautiful manufactured “Wife,” it falls to Simone, a 400+ year-old vampire to find McKay’s killer and retrieve the notebook.

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